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We, at InteliAzul Solutions, are a big family of farmers, engineers, scientists, and other professionals committed to discovering, designing, and creating the world’s next generation in fruit and vegetable preservation technology to offer our consumers the freshest produce possible. We understand that simply creating this technology is not the solution, which is why our engineers are devoted to helping the end users, such as our own farmers and their buyers to implement our innovative technology.

Our goal is to help the farmer experience the benefit of reaching further markets, maintain the quality of their product and avoid being victims to excessive spoilage.
We realize that the world is an ever changing environment, with an ever growing population, and this population needs fresh fruits and vegetables for the best available prices and quality. That is our demand, and we plan to satisfy it.
Our Critical Success Factors
Customer focus. Continuous improvement. Training, education and leadership. Employee empowerment with accountability. Flexibility

Our Business and Personal Values
Teamwork. Honesty, trust and integrity. Respect for all employees. Innovation and creativity. Hard work with a “can do” attitude.